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August 28, 2017
Well I think @ontop_athleticwear finally went and did it....they found the perfect legging that works for all types of training. The test for me is always based on 3 things
1. Flexibility. 
2. Comfortability
3. Variability 
Flexibility as in I'm not constantly pulling at the seams to get them into the correct position on my legs, I'm not continually hoisting them up with every movement and I don't have to sacrifice the fit in my waist just so they fit in my legs. They stay put without feeling rigid or restricting.
2. Comfortability and I am not referring to how soft they feel but rather how they make me feel about my body when I wear them. No risk of flashing the gym with see through ass cracks or showcasing the 'toe of a camel' 😉. They don't over exaggerate and the high waist is the bonus for keeping the loose parts tucked in #mompouch.
3. I have tested them out in all areas of activity. Running, jumping, climbing, lifting and simply lounging. They pass with flying colours. 
Check out what they have to offer @ontop_athleticwear  #supportlocal#lovetheskinyourin #beyoutifulbeast#fitcomesinallshapesandsizes

​Personal Trainer
IG @fidelityfitness

October 28, 2017
Throughout the day I was wearing different pieces to get a feel for how they are on levels of comfort and convenience while walking around and working out. After only a few minutes in the leggings, I was hooked. The fabric used for the leggings are made of cotton like fibers and lycra sports technologies. The designs are all very trendy and popular with today’s workout apparel. Offering mesh cut-outs, patterns of camo or solids, and a variety of colors, you’ll be confident and fashionable at the gym! The material is breathable and sweat-wicking for optimal quality and suitability.

I was a bit skeptical in the beginning as there are brands I have stuck with for many years and I wasn’t sure how this would compare. After wearing the On Top Athletic Wear leggings through long runs, heavy gym sessions, or just a daily comfort piece, I couldn’t be happier. They have kept their shape through countless washes and still have the vibrant color from the beginning.

International Model
IG @blue.eyed.explorer
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February 10, 2018
Super thankful for the relationship DFWK has with @ontop_athleticwear! Not only is their clothing awesome, but partnering with them has been so fun and rewarding! 
Kyra - 2018 Moose Jaw Young Entrepreneur Winner
IG @dance_fitness_with_kyra_inc_

February 18, 2018
We love @ontop_athleticwear here at the studio! These new joggers are a top fav. 2x this week ⭐️...Promise you’ll love everything they have.
IG @blade.studio

February 18, 2018
@ontop_athleticwear is the bomb!

April 2018
The fit is Amazing!!

April 29, 2018
Love my new gear! Thanks.

April 29, 2018
Thanks again for the awesome sale and clothing! Can't wait to work out today [😍]