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Product Care

On Top Gear


A lot of care, detail, and design have gone into the making of On Top athletic apparel. To continue this care and help extend the life of your garments, here are our suggestions to maximize quality:


  • Wash on Cold setting and Delicate or Quick Wash (Best paired with cold wash detergent)
  • Skip the dryer, hang to dry
  • Shade is your friend, avoid drying in direct sunlight – this may cause colors to fade
  • Avoid fabric softener
  • Wash inside out
  • Sort your laundry, “like with like” (ie. lights/ darks/ brights)
  • Powder detergents are typically better than liquid – powder typically cleans better and does not leave a residue in the fabric pores)
  • Wash separate from cotton, denim, towels, and anything with a zipper
  • Add apx. ½ cup of white vinegar to wash cycle in the event you forget your sweaty workout clothes in your gym tote

We at On Top and the manufacturer recommend hand wash as a sure way to guarantee the most life out of your apparel. On the other hand, we also understand and appreciate the convenience of the wash machine.  These are our suggestions, and leave the decision up to you!