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About Us


Their Story: The Owners

Owners Darcy Luffman and Jeff Palaschuk first teamed up through sport as provincial baseball champions. Being born the same year, they competed and became involved in numerous sports including basketball, track, wrestling, hockey, football and baseball. Both athletes and graduates of Thom Collegiate, they went on to have families, become Dads, and establish government employed careers, leaving sport to gradually fall secondary.

Fast-forward fifteen years, Jeff and Darcy were reconnected, but this time as supporters and coaches of their kids’ sports. As they caught up with one another, they both recognized their entrepreneurial spirits of one day owning and creating their own business. In 2016 the conversation progressed at Darcy’s kitchen table as they contemplated where life had taken them and where they wanted to go. Despite the personal pains of rock bottom moments, they triumphed by recognizing the common denominator of their unconditional love for their kids, and their bond through sport. That same night, Jeff and Darcy began brainstorming what life would look like when they were on top of it. This can be summarized into: Being positive role models for their kids, fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams, and becoming a community staple for facilitating local athletic goals.

The plan? Materialize locally accessible, high-end, athletic apparel to support those in the community working to get on top of their own goals. They experienced first hand the power of feeling supported and they were ready to share this with others.  There were other successful local start-up’s. Then Jeff and Darcy finally asked, “Why not us?"